Getting The Ideal House Cleaning Brisbane For Busy People

A clean house is a great place. Everyone wants house cleaning Brisbane that makes them feel relaxed after a long day at work. At the same time, many very busy people have time for house cleaning Brisbane. This is why they might want to hire people who know exactly how to get house cleaning Brisbane done well. Specialists in the field of house cleaning Brisbane are those who can come to someone’s house and make sure that all such house cleaning is done in accordance with the owner’s planned goals. Today’s experts are available for hire in order to get the house in the ideal shape. Working closely with them has many important benefits.

Why To Get A Weekly Home Cleaning Brisbane?

Over the course of a single week, a home can easily become very messy. It’s easy for things to start piling up. This is why help with a house cleaning Brisbane is ideal for those who don’t necessarily have a lot of time on their hands. They can count on the skilled hands of those who have been doing house cleaning Brisbane for many years to come to their doors as needed once a week. This makes it easy to put thing to right and get the home in good shape. A single clean up once a week makes it easier than ever for someone to have a home to come to that’s a great place to rest, relax and enjoy life after many hours of hard work at the job. 

The best home cleaning Brisbane

Those who are very busy, will find that lets them focus on other things they need to do in life. Instead of spending their precious spare time cleaning their homes, they can be assured that someone else is there to do it for them. In the meantime, they can use their time to get other things done that are equally important to them. Having someone else take care of the little things for them is an ideal way to people to make the most of their extremely valuable personal time and use it well. 

Hiring a cleaning and relaxing at home

People who have a very full life will also find that having house cleaning Brisbane done for them is a great way for them to truly relax at home. They can sit back, have a cold drink, hang out with friends and family and not worry about anything else because it’s all being done for them with Those who work hard look to play hard. Letting experts do the cleaning and do it very well are those who can let go when they are at home. They don’t have to worry about disarray. Instead, they have someone at their back. They’ll come in, clean up the clutter, remove all the unwanted excess and then get everything back in place as quickly as possible. All the homeowner has to do sit back. Someone else is doing the hard cleaning work for them and doing it really well.

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Wilson – Haley Family

In 1804 Dr. John Cloud Haley and his family came to Roane County and settled on the land between Reservoir Hill and the Tennessee River. His grand-daughter Betty married James Woods Cosby Wilson, Captain and owner of the Cherokee steamboat that carried mail, passengers and freight between Chattanooga and Knoxville. He sold the boat and bought a farm in Sequatchie Valley. The town of South Pittsburg is located on that farm. They returned to farm in Roane County but there were no schools near by so in 1880 they bought from Gen. Wilder’s sister, the house and land on Rockwood Avenue which has been the home from that day to this.

There was a large family: Charles, Maggie, Henry, Robert, Belie, John, Claude, Mabel, George Ed, Bess, and a nephew – Little Charlie Halley whom they raised and nieces and nephews from farms in Roane and Rhea County who stayed with them to attend school.

With so many young people it was a very gay household old was a gathering place. I love to dwell on the tender memories, the kindred ties, the early affections, the family narratives and incidents that were a part of my childhood.

However, my mother said that she did not hear it thunder twenty years.

Perhaps the greatest contribution to the town was that sons, Charles and George Ed; two nephews, J.M. Ramsey Welter S. Clack; and a step-nephew, J.M. Clack, all graduates of Vanderbilt Medical College, returned to Rockwood served the town as Doctors and Surgeons for many years.

Submitted to “The Rockwood Centennial” book in 1968.

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Four Reasons to Schedule Service for House Cleaning Sydney

If you do not regularly clean your home as frequently as you should, you are in good company. Some people lack the time and energy to do so. Others may simply dislike cleaning and procrastinate as a result. In some cases, local residents clean their home lightly, but the home becomes increasingly dirty over time because some important steps are not taken regularly. Regardless of what your current challenges are, you can enjoy several excellent benefits when you schedule regular service for home cleaning Sydney.

1. How to Improve the Cleanliness of my Environment?

Cleaning your home thoroughly and regularly is essential for your family’s wellness as well as for your peace of mind. When surfaces are not thoroughly cleaned, bacteria and mold can begin growing and can cause illness. Dust, pet dander and other elements can become more problematic as well. Professional service for house cleaning Sydney is essential if you do not clean your home as well as you should at least once per week.

2. Save Time and Energy
While some people have time to run a vacuum across the floor every week and to wipe down the counters as needed, they may struggle to find time to clean the ceiling fan blades, baseboards, bathrooms and other areas that require attention as well. Rather than cram these tasks into your busy schedule, you can save time and energy by scheduling an appointment for house cleaning Sydney.

3. Enjoy Your Free Time With Professional home cleaning

With a limited amount of free time available to relax and to enjoy the company of family and friends, booking service for home cleaning Sydney makes sense. It can take several hours each week to give your home the attention that it needs. When you let a team of experts do the work for you with service for home cleaning Sydney, you can enjoy your non-working hours on your own terms without feeling guilty about shirking responsibilities.

4. Hire a house cleaning Sydney and Be Ready for Unexpected Guests

Your home’s style and cleanliness make a statement about you personally. Procrastinating on cleaning chores is easy to do, but you may find yourself stuck in an embarrassing situation when unexpected guests arrive and see your filthy home. Even the closest friends and family members may adjust their opinion about you when they see your home in such a messy state. This can be avoided with regular home cleaning Sydney.

Some people avoid scheduling service for home cleaning Sydney because they do not want to pay for something that they could do on their own. However, if you are not regularly tackling this important chore, it makes sense to let a professional do the work for you. Now is a great time to request a quote for professional cleaning services for your home with

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Thomas Norris Clark Sr. Bible

Printed for Mathew Carey, No. 118, Market Street, Philadelphia, 27 Oct 1802.  
Original donated to McClung Collection, Knoxville by Jean G. Burns, Kingston.

(Page 1) M.V. CLARK, W.H. LYON, Mrs. Susan CLARK family bible, Kingston, Ro. Co. (page 2) Mary was born at south West Point November 26 1824 
Washington was born at South West Point Aprile 29 1826 
Charles the son of Nelly was Born at South West Point December 1827 (page 3) Births 
Births of Black Family. 
Jack son to Jack & Phillis was Born in Fluvanna Cty State of Virginia November 1789. 
Mariah was Born in Fluvanna County Virginia in August 1791. 
Rose was Born at the North Fork of Holstein in August 1793. 
Hannah was Born at the North Fork of Holstein the (torn) of February 1795. 
(torn) bert was Born in the Grassy Valley July 1796 
(torn) was Born in the Grassy Valley July 1798. 
Mary Daughter to Nelly & Harry was Born at So. West Point the 26th of November 1824. 
Washington the son of Nelly & Harry was Born at So. West Point the 29th Aprile 1826. 
Charles son of Nelly & Harry was Born in December 1827. 
Andrew the son of Nelly & Harry was Born in November 1829 
Malinda Was Borne Febry. 18 1830 
Jinn Was Borne February 22 1833 
Rody Dauter of Milly Was Borne July the 30 1829 
Marthy Dauter of Milly Was Born Dcember 16 1831 
Luisa Dauter of Milly Was born November 18 1833 (page 4) Nancy McCAMPBELL Departed this Life at her ?? near Knoxville on the 14th day of January 1840. 
William McCAMPBELL son of James & Eliza McCAMPBELL Died the 29th day of March 1840. 
John McCAMPBELL Departed this life at his Seat(?) near Knoxville the 11th February 1822. 
James TRIMBLE Departed this Life at Nashville the 7th day of August 1824 about 10 o clock at night. 
L.B. TRIMBLE died on the 9th day of January 1861 at Nashville. 
Susan T. PHILIPS departed this life at South West Point the 5th day of November 1826. 
Virginia Tennessee CLARK Departed this life on the 1st day of November 1833 between the hours of 2 & 3 oclock aged one year (blot) months & 21 days. 
Thomas Barrett CLARK Departed this life in Fluvanna county Virginia on the 11th day of November 1835. 
Susan(?) CLARK wife of Thomas N. CLARK Jr. Departed this Life in Virg. the 5th day of January 1836 leaving an infant child. (page 5) Polly Payne CLARK was married to Wm. LYON of Maryland in September 1807 So. West Point. 
Letitia CLARK was Married to James TRIMBLE of Tennessee the 10 of Novr. 1808. 
Nancy CLARK was married to John McCAMPBELL of Knoxville the 12 of December 1811. 
Elizabeth CLARK was Married to James McCAMPBELL. 
Susan CLARK departed this life at South West Point October 17th 1842. 
Thomas N. CLARK Sr. departed this life at S.W. Point October 12th 1847, about 4 o’clock in the morning. 
Susan T. CLARK was Married to William D. PHILIPS of Davidson County West Tennessee October 1825. 
Louisa Smith CLARK was Married to John B. RODGERS of McMinnville the 12th day of October 1820. 
Matilda Virginia CLARK was Married to Wm. S. McEWEN the 16th December 1831. 
Sally P. CLARK was Married to Dr.(?) No.(?) Archibald RODGERS of McMinnville the 22d day of January 1830. (page 6) Polly Payne CLARK was Born in Fluvanna County State of Virginia the 15th of June 1789. 
Nancy CLARK was Born in Fluvanna County in the State of Virginia the 18th of December 1790. 
Letitia CLARK was Born in Fluvanna County State of Virginia the 26th(?) of September 1792. 
William Barrett CLARK was Born at the North Fork of Holstein State of Tennessee the 5th of March 1795. 
William B. CLARK died July 19 – 1870. 
James Payne CLARK was Born in the Grassy Valley State of Tennessee the 5th of October 1797. 
Elizabeth CLARK was Born in the Grassy Valley the 20th of June 1799. 
Thomas N. CLARK was Born at South West Point State of Tennessee on the 20th of February 1802. 
Thomas N. CLARK the second son of the same name was born at South West Point Tennessee the 20th day of February 1803. 
Elizabeth McCAMPBELL died Dec. 2-1880. 
Washington H. LYON was Born in Rhea County August 16, 1808 
Thomas C. LYON was Born in Roane county at the foot of the mountain the 10th December 1810. 
Susan E. LYON was Born in Roane County 22d May 1813. 
Robert LYON was Born in Knox County in August 1815. 
William LYON was Born in Knox County 26th December(?) 1817. 
Mary LYON Born in Knox County the 10th of October 1820. 
Susan P. TRIMBLE was Born in Knoxville 7th March 1810. 
John TRIMBLE Born in Roane Cty.. on Poplar Creek of Feby. 1812. 
Thomas E. TRIMBLE Born in Knoxville 3d June 1814. 
Mary Ann(?) TRIMBLE Born in Nashville 6th October 1816. 
Eliza Malvina TRIMBLE Born in Nashville 2d July 1819. 
Margaret Louisa TRIMBLE was born in Davidson County 2d January 1822. 
Thomas C. McCAMPBELL Born at So. West Point T. 9th January 1813 
Andrew McCAMPBELL Born in Knox county 22d Decr. 1817. 
Mary Louisa McCAMPBELL was Born at Kingston Roane Cty. 26th day December 1821. 
Jno. McCMAPBELL was Born the 10 Novr. 1825. 
Eustis(?) E. RODGERS son of Arch. RODGERS was Born in Fentress Cty Tennessee the 5th of April 1832. 
Thomas RODGERS Son of Jno. RODGERS was Born at McMinnville Tenn. 6th of November 1828. 
William B. RODGERS Son of Jno. RODGERS [was born] at McMinnville Tenn. the 20th December 1830. 
Ann C. RODGERS Daugter of Jno. B. RODGERS was Born in Fentress Poplar Cove the 30th day of July 1833.

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1810-1820 Marriage Bonds

Groom First Name  |Groom Last Name  |Bride First Name  |Bride Last Name  |Issued or Celebrated Date  |Security First Name (1)  |Security Last Name (1)  |Security First Name (2)  |Security Last Name (2)  |Sol First Name  |Sol Last Name
Robert            |Hewett           |Rebeckah          |Phillips         |3/13/1810                  |James                    |Robinson                |                         |                        |                |
John              |Haggard          |Sarah             |Smith            |4/7/1810                   |John                     |Smith                   |                         |                        |                |
Amos              |Marney           |Betsey            |Young            |5/1/1810                   |Isham                    |Young                   |                         |                        |                |
Elisha            |Williamson       |Sally             |Matlock          |5/20/1810                  |James                    |Matlock                 |                         |                        |                |
James             |Massy            |Susanna           |Lee              |6/9/1810                   |James                    |Morrow                  |Jacob                    |Work                    |Jesse           |Byrd, J. P.
Moore             |Matlock          |Lucy              |Knight           |7/4/1810                   |William                  |Anderson                |                         |                        |                |
Joseph            |Hacker           |Priscella         |Haggerty         |7/14/1810                  |William                  |Small                   |                         |                        |                |
Samuel            |Nipp             |Elizabeth         |Riley            |8/16/1810                  |Charles                  |Coody                   |John                     |Oden                    |                |
Charles           |Coody            |Ellenor           |Riley            |8/18/1810                  |John                     |Oden                    |                         |                        |                |
John              |Panky            |Peggy             |Owens            |8/20/1810                  |Drury                    |Smith                   |                         |                        |                |
Isaac             |Keys             |Elizabeth         |Riley            |8/21/1810                  |Gilbert                  |Pool                    |                         |                        |                |
Hugh              |Crumbliss        |Betsey            |Brashear         |8/27/1810                  |Isaac                    |Brashear                |                         |                        |                |
Alexander         |Galbreath        |Polly             |Gallaher         |9/3/1810                   |James                    |Gallaher                |                         |                        |                |
Benjamine         |Evans            |Betsey K.         |Moore            |9/4/1810                   |William                  |McKinney                |                         |                        |                |
James             |Eddington        |Phebe             |Butler           |9/14/1810                  |Peter                    |Click                   |                         |                        |                |
Tandy             |Lane             |Mary              |Jones            |9/18/1810                  |Benjamine                |Preston                 |                         |                        |                |
John              |Hart             |Ruth              |Stout            |10/1/1810                  |James                    |Dearmond                |                         |                        |                |
Jacob             |Waren            |Betsey            |Elkins           |10/3/1810                  |James                    |Hankins                 |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
Charles           |Burk             |Nancy             |Bowman           |11/2/1810                  |John                     |Bowman                  |                         |                        |                |
James             |Preston          |Jinney            |Allison          |11/7/1810                  |Uriah                    |Allison                 |                         |                        |                |
Calvin            |Johnson          |Nancy             |McKamy           |12/20/1810                 |William                  |McKamy                  |                         |                        |                |
Ruben             |Phillips         |Kitty             |Bower            |12/22/1810                 |James                    |Robinson                |                         |                        |                |
Daniel            |Kirkpatrick      |Peggy             |Shadden          |3/2/1810                   |Joseph                   |Shadden                 |                         |                        |                |
John              |Givins           |Louise            |Stubbs           |1/22/1811                  |Hugh                     |Franciss                |                         |                        |                |
John              |Rentfro          |Sally             |Lyles            |2/1/1811                   |James                    |Buchanan                |John                     |Loyd                    |                |
John              |Black            |Peggy             |Eldridge         |3/8/1811                   |William                  |Gardenhire              |                         |                        |                |
Charles           |White            |Nancy             |McPherson        |4/26/1811                  |John                     |White                   |Barton                   |McPherson               |                |
George            |White            |Hanah             |McPherson        |5/16/1811                  |John                     |Loyd                    |                         |                        |                |
John              |Jackson          |Jane              |Preston          |5/26/1811                  |John                     |Harrison                |                         |                        |                |
James             |Rogers           |Nancy             |Coody            |5/26/1811                  |Wiley                    |Tuton                   |                         |                        |                |
William           |Hankins          |Nancy             |Davis            |5/31/1811                  |James                    |McMullin                |                         |                        |                |
William           |Pennalan         |Mary              |Casey            |6/29/1811                  |Abner                    |Casey                   |Abraham                  |Stout                   |                |
James             |Hankin           |Patsey            |Reyburn          |6/30/1811                  |Robert                   |McEwen                  |                         |                        |                |
James             |McNair           |Rebecka           |Walker           |7/2/1811                   |Robert                   |Lyles                   |Augustus                 |McKinnie                |                |
John              |Mead             |Elizabeth         |Matlock          |7/9/1811                   |Joshua                   |Cox                     |                         |                        |Isham           |Cox, J. P.
John              |Breazeal         |Rhoda             |Stonecypher      |7/15/1811                  |David                    |Stonecypher             |                         |                        |                |
Clemmons          |Phillips         |Drusilla          |Prewitt          |7/16/1811                  |John W.                  |Bowers                  |                         |                        |                |
Daniel            |Hostler          |Nancy             |Nail             |7/16/1811                  |David                    |Thomas                  |                         |                        |                |
Thomas            |Richardson       |Elizabeth         |Ellison          |8/1/1811                   |Ambler                   |Casey                   |                         |                        |                |
Robert C.         |Crawford         |Susana            |Brown            |8/27/1811                  |John                     |Loyd                    |                         |                        |                |
John T.           |Hacker           |Nellie            |Bazelton         |8/28/1811                  |James                    |Hunt                    |                         |                        |                |
Ruben             |McKinnie         |Jenny             |Lyles            |9/6/1811                   |Robert                   |Lyle                    |                         |                        |                |
Gilbert           |Hankins          |Polly             |Pippins          |9/9/1811                   |John                     |Loyd                    |                         |                        |                |
Joseph            |Thompson         |Polly             |Hopkins          |9/11/1811                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Alexander         |Powell           |Patsey            |Browder          |9/11/1811                  |Britton                  |Matthews                |                         |                        |                |
Jacob             |Perrygin         |Patsey            |Mund             |9/12/1811                  |Benjamine                |Harrison                |                         |                        |                |
Thomas            |Anderson         |Patsey            |Essery           |9/18/1811                  |Adam                     |Carson                  |                         |                        |                |
William           |Enoch            |Anne              |Couch            |10/1/1811                  |William                  |Gillian                 |                         |                        |                |
Charles           |Hickey           |Lucinda           |England          |10/4/1811                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Abner             |Waters           |Betsey            |Reyburn          |10/5/1811                  |Samuel                   |Stout                   |                         |                        |                |
Henry             |Davis            |Elizabeth         |Miller           |10/16/1811                 |Bazel                    |Davis                   |                         |                        |                |
James             |Bowman           |Rachel            |McCorkle         |10/24/1811                 |Hugh                     |Frances                 |                         |                        |                |
Daniel            |Turner           |Betsey            |Hill             |10/24/1811                 |John                     |Casey                   |                         |                        |                |
James             |McMullin         |Rebecca           |Miller           |10/31/1811                 |William                  |Eblin                   |                         |                        |                |
Jeremiah          |Evans            |Sally             |Davis            |11/6/1811                  |Little B.                |Briant                  |                         |                        |                |
Alfred            |Davis            |Betsey            |Breazeale        |11/25/1811                 |William                  |Hankins                 |                         |                        |                |
Reuben            |Tiner            |Jenny             |Carter           |12/3/1811                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
John              |Dossett          |Elizabeth         |Coatney          |12/7/1811                  |William                  |Coatney                 |                         |                        |                |
Thomas            |Eldridge         |Jinny             |Browder          |12/7/1811                  |Daniel                   |Wester                  |                         |                        |                |
Etheldred         |Taylor           |Catherine         |Arbuckle         |12/11/1811                 |William                  |Brown                   |                         |                        |                |
Patrick           |Sutton           |Sally             |Capshan(?)       |12/24/1811                 |John                     |Sutton                  |                         |                        |                |
Joseph            |Thompson         |Polly             |Hopkins          |12/10/1811                 |William                  |Bivins                  |                         |                        |                |
Abraham           |Bogart           |Jenny             |Preston          |1/4/1812                   |James                    |Preston                 |                         |                        |                |
William           |Kelly            |Ruth              |Prigmore         |1/27/1812                  |James                    |Mays                    |                         |                        |                |
Moses             |Cavett           |Polly             |Pickel           |2/26/1812                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Thomas            |Fields           |Lucy              |Holly            |2/29/1812                  |William                  |Brown                   |                         |                        |                |
Joseph            |Hankins          |Betsey            |Irwine           |3/11/1812                  |John                     |Essery                  |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullins, J.P.
Joseph            |Browder          |Nancy             |Eldridge         |3/24/1812                  |Brittain                 |Matthews                |                         |                        |                |
Ephraim           |Bridge           |Betsey            |White            |3/25/1812                  |Benjamine                |Shields                 |                         |                        |                |
Samuel            |Basel            |Eliza             |Scott            |5/5/1812                   |Samuel                   |Williams                |                         |                        |                |
John              |Wiley            |Sally             |Noel             |5/25/1812                  |Samuel                   |Stout                   |                         |                        |                |
John              |England          |Lennie            |Hall             |5/26/1812                  |Squire                   |Hendrix                 |                         |                        |                |
John              |Owens            |Betsey            |Bristol          |6/6/1812                   |John                     |Warren                  |                         |                        |                |
John              |Oden             |Eliza             |Eblin            |6/6/1812                   |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Phillip           |Pritchett        |Peggy             |McDonnald        |7/2/1812                   |Jeremiah                 |Shelly                  |                         |                        |                |
Richard           |Dover            |Dice              |Rice             |7/13/1812                  |James                    |Rice                    |                         |                        |                |
Berry             |Duncan           |Fanny             |Tummins          |7/16/1812                  |Isaac S.                 |McMeans                 |                         |                        |                |
Thomas            |Stephenson       |Rhoda             |Crisp            |7/21/1812                  |Tandy                    |Lane                    |                         |                        |                |
William           |Beerman          |Susanna           |Buckanan         |8/26/1812                  |Jeremiah                 |Buckanan                |                         |                        |                |
Silas             |Lutrall          |Stacy             |Burnett          |9/7/1812                   |Moses                    |Burnett                 |                         |                        |                |
Gilbert           |Pool             |Betsey            |Keys             |9/16/1812                  |Thomas                   |Brown                   |                         |                        |                |
Everett           |Stubbs           |Sally             |Ford             |9/29/1812                  |Jonathan                 |Harvey                  |                         |                        |                |
Samuel            |Hope             |Agness            |Duncan           |10/6/1812                  |Jeptha                   |Duncan                  |                         |                        |                |
William D.        |Miller           |Elizabeth         |Wood             |10/9/1812                  |Charles                  |Wood                    |                         |                        |                |
Oliver            |Morris           |Katy              |Eldridge         |10/24/1812                 |James                    |Cosby                   |                         |                        |                |
Hezekiah B.       |Moore            |Jensy M.          |Green            |12/7/1812                  |Thomas                   |Green                   |                         |                        |                |
James             |Davis            |Nancy             |Woods            |12/19/1812                 |Asa                      |Cobb                    |                         |                        |                |
Samuel            |Haggard          |Elizabeth         |Montgomery       |12/24/1812                 |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullins, J. P.
Abner             |Underwood        |Polly             |King             |12/28/1812                 |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
John              |Oden             |Eliza             |Eblen            |1/6/1812                   |Thomas C.                |Clark                   |                         |                        |                |
Aquilla           |Nail             |Sallie            |Lee              |1/3/1813                   |William                  |Gardenhire              |                         |                        |                |
Hezekiah K.       |Hotchkiss        |Lydia G.          |Mead             |1/5/1813                   |Benjamine                |Tippett                 |                         |                        |                |
John              |Craig            |Lucy              |Eaton            |1/7/1813                   |Elijah                   |Eaton                   |                         |                        |                |
James Davis       |Crow             |Phebe             |Rice             |1/10/1813                  |John                     |Leftwick                |                         |                        |                |
William           |Bowman           |Levisy            |Edmonds          |1/10/1813                  |Matthew                  |Edmonds                 |                         |                        |                |
Linsey            |Robison          |Delila            |Jones            |1/27/1813                  |Robert                   |Lane                    |                         |                        |Richard         |Richards, M. G.
George            |Pickle (corr)    |Susana            |Haggard          |2/1/1813                   |Daniel                   |Grubb                   |                         |                        |                |
Alfred            |Haggard          |Lettice           |Mason            |2/20/1813                  |George                   |Pickel (corr)           |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
William           |Thacker          |Levina            |Eblin            |3/2/1813                   |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
Samuel            |Hall             |Jenny             |Lemmons          |4/2/1813                   |Axham                    |Lawhorn                 |                         |                        |                |
Tandy             |Senter           |Alice             |Crumbliss        |4/8/1813                   |James                    |Crumbliss               |                         |                        |                |
Edward            |Kenley           |Polly             |Rusk             |5/11/1813                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Edward            |Young            |Sally             |Vaughn           |5/29/1813                  |John                     |Leftwick                |                         |                        |                |
Jemiah [sic]      |Tuten            |Rebecca           |McNatt           |6/18/1813                  |John                     |McNatt                  |                         |                        |                |
Peter             |Gray             |Elizabeth         |Wester           |6/18/1813                  |David                    |Scrivner                |                         |                        |                |
James             |Siscoe           |Sally             |Branham          |6/29/1813                  |James                    |Branham                 |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
James             |Forrester        |Polly             |Bryant           |7/23/1813                  |Samuel                   |Stout                   |                         |                        |                |
Nathanel          |Gowens           |Sebri             |Midgett          |7/28/1813                  |David                    |Brown                   |                         |                        |                |
John              |Moore            |Catherine         |Warren           |8/2/1813                   |Edmond                   |Warren                  |                         |                        |                |
Nathanel          |Applegate        |Elizabeth         |Seaton           |8/6/1813                   |George                   |Cook                    |                         |                        |                |
Wiley             |Tuten            |Levina            |Bailey           |8/17/1813                  |William                  |Brown                   |                         |                        |                |
Joshua            |Birdwell         |Mary              |Joans(?)         |8/18/1813                  |Moses                    |Birdwell                |                         |                        |                |
Charles           |Kitchen          |Anna              |Matlock          |8/24/1813                  |John                     |Allen                   |                         |                        |                |
Thomas M.         |Cannon           |Elizabeth         |Manley           |8/26/1813                  |Samuel                   |Stout                   |                         |                        |                |
Enoch             |Rector           |Polly             |Kindrick         |8/31/1813                  |Richard                  |Rector                  |                         |                        |                |
Paul              |Blackburn        |Polly             |Reynolds         |9/1/1813                   |Talton                   |Branham                 |                         |                        |                |
John              |Newman           |Frances           |Branham          |9/2/1813                   |Elisha                   |Willimson               |                         |                        |                |
Joshua            |Dover            |Passy             |Rice             |9/10/1813                  |Abraham                  |Stout                   |                         |                        |                |
Alexander         |Casy             |Nancy             |Ross             |9/10/1813                  |William                  |Brown                   |                         |                        |                |
James             |Cooper           |Mary              |Weir             |9/11/1813                  |Andrew                   |Weir                    |                         |                        |                |
Larkin R.         |Sawyer           |Elizabeth         |Chiles           |9/23/1813                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
John              |Wilkinson        |Anne              |Woody            |9/30/1813                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
William           |Moore            |Unity             |Tucker           |10/28/1813                 |William                  |Davis                   |                         |                        |                |
John              |Derossett        |Patsey            |Pritchett        |11/22/1813                 |Levy                     |Wheat                   |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
Edward            |Stewart          |Nancy             |Short            |12/2/1813                  |William                  |Rorax                   |                         |                        |                |
Adam              |Gardenhire       |Alsey             |Tippet           |12/24/1813                 |John                     |Black                   |                         |                        |                |
William           |Reynolds         |Jinny             |Moore            |___ 1813                   |George                   |Sickles                 |                         |                        |                |
Charles           |Mitchel          |Framina           |Perriman         |2/16/1814                  |Lewis                    |Combs                   |                         |                        |                |
Richard           |Lay              |Jane              |Bryant           |3/10/1814                  |Matthew                  |Gowen                   |                         |                        |                |
Joseph            |Eccord           |Elizabeth         |Lane             |4/20/1814                  |Joseph                   |Cleft                   |                         |                        |                |
Benjamine         |Poor             |Nancy             |Shoemaker        |6/9/1814                   |Moses                    |Shoemaker               |                         |                        |                |
William           |Bowers           |Betsy             |Phillips         |6/16/1814                  |John                     |Brown                   |                         |                        |                |
William           |Breeden          |Patients          |Phipps           |6/22/1814                  |James                    |Hope                    |                         |                        |                |
David             |Lyle             |Mary              |Tuten            |6/23/1814                  |Joseph                   |Hankins                 |                         |                        |                |
Moses             |Russell          |Juda              |Owings           |7/6/1814                   |Eli                      |Shelton                 |                         |                        |                |
Isaac             |Roberson         |Nancy             |Talbot           |7/9/1814                   |Francis                  |Erwin                   |                         |                        |                |
Robert            |Harvey           |Sally             |Richard          |7/17/1814                  |Isham                    |Young                   |                         |                        |                |
William           |Shafer           |Peggy             |Parker           |7/18/1814                  |Galbreath                |Barton                  |                         |                        |                |
George            |Moore            |Sally             |Rice             |7/20/1814                  |Joseph                   |Lacy                    |                         |                        |                |
Benagah           |Penington        |Matilda           |Emery            |7/26/1814                  |Samuel                   |Owings                  |                         |                        |                |
Smith             |Bonign           |Patsey            |Honey            |9/6/1814                   |John                     |Carmichael              |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
John              |Lents            |Milly             |McKain           |9/27/1814                  |Francis                  |Erwin                   |                         |                        |                |
James             |Flatt            |Rebecca           |Rice             |10/17/1814                 |John                     |Rice                    |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
Samuel            |Owens            |Sally             |Randolph         |10/26/1814                 |Moses                    |Russell                 |                         |                        |John            |Wintin, J. P.
Henry             |Matlock          |Nancy             |Rice             |11/5/1814                  |John                     |Purris                  |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
James G.          |Williams         |Rebecca           |Nelson           |11/13/1814                 |William                  |Brown                   |                         |                        |                |
Nathaniel         |Aplegate         |Elizabeth         |Smith            |12/1/1814                  |Richard                  |Fairis                  |                         |                        |                |
John              |Thomas           |Barbara           |Casey            |12/1/1814                  |Anthony                  |Casey                   |                         |                        |                |
Moses             |Shoemaker        |Martha            |Williams         |12/28/1814                 |Benjamine                |Prise                   |                         |                        |                |
Joseph            |Starky           |Rebecca S.        |Hadden           |12/28/1814                 |Robert                   |Shaden                  |                         |                        |Richard         |Richards, M. G.
John              |Hill             |Virry             |Lane             |1/6/1815                   |Joseph                   |Graham                  |                         |                        |                |
Fielding          |Balden           |Nancy             |Stean            |1/19/1815                  |Thomas                   |York                    |                         |                        |                |
John E.           |Nelson           |Polly             |Daley            |1/30/1815                  |Asa                      |Cobb                    |                         |                        |                |
William           |Dixson           |Leny              |Harvey           |2/4/1815                   |Marmaduke                |Harvey                  |                         |                        |                |
Benjamine         |Eldridge         |Patsy             |Jackson          |2/7/1815                   |John                     |Harrison                |                         |                        |                |
James             |Gillispie        |Jenny             |Gallaher         |2/10/1815                  |Thomas                   |Gallaher                |                         |                        |                |
Bartlett          |McAnally         |Phebe             |Shields          |3/16/1815                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Elijah            |Farmer           |Jane              |Preston          |5/2/1815                   |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
James             |Allsup           |Phebe             |Childs           |6/12/1815                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
William           |Gillam           |Betsey            |Bristol          |6/14/1815                  |Gilbreath                |Barton                  |                         |                        |Richard         |Richards, M. G.
Moses             |Mahan            |Betsy             |Cleck            |7/5/1815                   |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Gabriel           |Richards         |Peggy             |Ayers            |7/24/1815                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Richard         |Richards, M. G.
Isaac             |Ciscow           |Polly             |Draper           |7/29/1815                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Richard         |Richards, M. G.
Joel              |Oliver           |Celia             |Vaughn           |8/8/1815                   |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Henry             |Anderson         |Nancy             |Man              |8/28/1815                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Wright            |Hankins          |Nancy             |Talent           |9/4/1815                   |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
William           |Eblin            |Lucretia          |Smith            |9/14/1815                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Hiram             |Hide             |Rachel            |Irwin            |9/18/1815                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
Jason             |Matlock Jr.      |Betsey            |Hicks            |9/30/1815                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Robert            |Riley            |Sally             |Fields           |10/3/1815                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Samuel R.         |Walker           |Elizabeth         |McKamey          |10/10/1815                 |Audly                    |Walker                  |                         |                        |                |
Abraham           |Lacy             |Betsy             |Allen            |10/26/1815                 |George                   |Crow                    |                         |                        |                |
Robert            |Rentfro Jr.      |Catherine         |Goodwin          |11/13/1815                 |John                     |Loyd                    |                         |                        |J.              |Purris, J. P.
Littleberry       |Noe              |Sally             |Sharp            |11/25/1815                 |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
Edmund            |Waren            |Polly             |Eldridge         |12/1/1815                  |Henry                    |Breazeal                |                         |                        |                |
Samuel H.         |Grigsby          |Polly             |Lindsey          |12/4/1815                  |Noah                     |Ashley                  |                         |                        |J.              |Purris, J. P.
John B.           |Rice             |Sally             |Brashear         |12/12/1815                 |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
Thomas            |Eldridge         |Sally             |Waren            |12/14/1815                 |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Jonas R.          |Arnold           |Ann               |Eblin            |12/31/1815                 |Willis                   |Miller                  |                         |                        |                |
Axum              |Lawhorn          |Polly             |England          |10/28/1815                 |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Holston           |Todd             |Peggy             |McPherson        |1/27/1816                  |William                  |Brown                   |                         |                        |Solomon         |Geren, J. P.
David             |Adkinson         |Drucilla          |Foshee           |1/27/1816                  |Isaac                    |McPherson               |                         |                        |Solomon         |Geren, J. P.
Lewis             |Robinson         |Betsey            |Stark            |1/28/1816                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
James             |Bower            |Betsey            |Crow             |1/30/1816                  |Wm C.                    |McKamy                  |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McHaney
David             |Craig            |Jinney            |Eaton            |1/30/1816                  |James                    |Dearmond                |                         |                        |Asa             |Cobb, J. P.
Able              |Gowers           |Rachel            |Lay              |2/20/1816                  |James                    |Lay                     |                         |                        |John            |Wintin
William           |Wallace          |Sarah             |Wallace          |2/20/1816                  |Robert                   |Thompson                |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McHaney, J. P.
James             |Moore            |Lucy              |Young            |2/22/1816                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |J.              |Purris, J. P.
Samuel            |Brasher          |Hannah            |Tooten           |2/26/1816                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
John              |Roberts          |Elizabeth         |Blackwell        |3/2/1816                   |Edward                   |Roberts                 |                         |                        |Alexander       |Nesmith, J. P.
John              |Hankins          |Priscilla         |McKinnie         |3/9/1816                   |Jesse                    |Terry                   |                         |                        |Solomon         |Geren, J. P.
John              |Oliver           |Elizabeth         |Gallaher         |3/11/1816                  |Robert S.                |Gilliland               |                         |                        |Asa             |Cobb, J. P.
Elijah            |Prewitt          |Nancy             |Hannah           |3/13/1816                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Thomas            |Ketchum          |Nancy             |Warren           |3/20/1816                  |Wm C.                    |McKamy                  |                         |                        |Alexander       |Nesmith, J. P.
John M.           |Love             |Peggy             |Moore            |3/20/1816                  |James                    |Moore                   |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McKamy
George            |Reed             |Deborah           |Cobb             |4/5/1816                   |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Solomon         |Geren, J. P.
Charles           |Kirkpatrick      |Harriott [sic]    |Churchill        |4/11/1816                  |Daniel                   |Wester                  |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McHaney
John              |Bowman           |Peggy             |Phillips         |4/22/1816                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Solomon         |Geren, J. P.
Mishac            |Rowden           |Sarah             |McNabb           |5/3/1816                   |James                    |McNabb                  |                         |                        |                |
David             |Claunch          |Betsey            |Pritchet         |5/26/1816                  |Phillip                  |Pritchet                |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McKamy, J. P.
Robert S.         |Gilliland        |Peggy             |McCabe           |6/13/1816                  |Wm C.                    |McHany                  |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McHany, J. P.
David             |Davenport        |Lucinda           |Kinchelow        |6/15/1816                  |Joseph                   |Lacy                    |                         |                        |                |
John              |Hood             |Elizabeth         |Sexton           |7/4/1816                   |James                    |Sexton                  |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
John              |Tucker           |Jinny             |Moore            |7/9/1816                   |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
Harmon            |Culb             |Jenny             |Eaton            |7/22/1816                  |Jesse                    |Pellum                  |                         |                        |Robert          |Williams, J. P.
Thomas            |York             |Elizabeth         |McPherson        |7/27/1816                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Calvin            |White            |Patsey            |Wiley            |7/29/1816                  |William                  |Galbreath               |                         |                        |Asa             |Cobb, J. P.
Benjamine         |Haywood          |Patsy             |Stephens         |8/1/1816                   |Charles                  |Stephens                |                         |                        |                |
Thomas            |Oden             |Nancy             |Miller           |8/3/1816                   |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Joseph            |McPherson        |Nancy             |Williams         |8/4/1816                   |John                     |Williams                |                         |                        |J.              |Purris, J. P.
Samuel            |Margrave         |Grace             |Wroe             |8/7/1816                   |John                     |Purris                  |                         |                        |J.              |Purris, J. P.
John              |Stow             |Permealy          |Lane             |8/12/1816                  |Samuel                   |Stow                    |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McHaney, J. P.
Anthony           |Smith            |Ann               |Baily            |8/23/1816                  |Robert S.                |Gilliland               |                         |                        |                |
Philip            |Rushing          |Sally             |Breding          |9/8/1816                   |Mark                     |Rentfro                 |                         |                        |                |
Abraham           |Davis            |Rebecca           |Curtis           |9/19/1816                  |Shadrick                 |Stephens                |                         |                        |Robert          |Williams, J. P.
William           |Vaughn           |Milly             |Preston          |9/26/1816                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Charles           |Stephens         |Sally             |Margrave         |9/26/1816                  |George                   |Grigsby                 |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McHany
William           |Dudley           |Sally             |Irwin            |9/27/1816                  |Jeremiah                 |Fields                  |                         |                        |                |
Absolom           |Foshee           |Patty             |Arnold           |9/28/1816                  |George                   |Arnold                  |                         |                        |                |
Jacob             |Casner           |Polly             |Matlock          |9/28/1816                  |George                   |Pickle                  |                         |                        |                |
Ely               |Hart             |Nancy             |Littleton        |10/2/1816                  |Thomas                   |Walker                  |                         |                        |                |
Charles           |Kinchelow        |Betsey            |Cannon           |10/2/1816                  |John                     |Edwards                 |                         |                        |                |
Uriah             |Wilkerson        |Nancy             |Wood             |10/12/1816                 |Willis                   |Stockton                |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
Wyatt             |Gallaher         |Sally             |Dalton           |10/12/1816                 |Samuel                   |Silvey                  |                         |                        |Asa             |Cobb, J. P.
William C.        |Kingston         |Rhoda             |Rector           |10/30/1816                 |Benjamine                |Rector                  |                         |                        |                |
John              |Scott            |Nellie            |McDaniel         |11/12/1816                 |George                   |Manifold                |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McHaney
Claborn           |Kinman           |Betsey            |Bower            |8/6/1819                   |James                    |Bower                   |                         |                        |John H.         |Durrett, J. P.
Albert            |Henderson        |Elizabeth         |Hawks            |8/16/1819                  |William                  |Long                    |                         |                        |                |
William           |Arnold           |Martha D.         |King             |8/17/1819                  |Rufus F.                 |King                    |                         |                        |Richard         |Richards, M. G.
John              |Rice             |Tabitha           |Dodson           |8/18/1819                  |William                  |Matlock                 |                         |                        |                |
Micajah           |Howerton         |Jane              |Bower            |8/19/1819                  |                         |                        |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McHany, J. P.
William           |Bailey           |Frankie           |Rayburn          |8/19/1819                  |Daniel                   |Bailey                  |                         |                        |                |
James             |Power            |Betsey            |Bacon            |8/19/1819                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |                |
Looney            |Riley            |Rachel            |Stewart          |8/28/1819                  |Isaac                    |Keys                    |                         |                        |Richard         |Richards, M. G.
Lewis             |Derosset         |Isbel [sic]       |Lane             |9/1/1819                   |John J.                  |Breazeal                |                         |                        |                |
James             |Renolds [sic]    |Rachel            |Smith            |9/4/1819                   |James                    |Moore                   |                         |                        |                |
John              |Taylor           |Nancy             |Crow             |9/6/1819                   |James                    |Tedder                  |                         |                        |John H.         |Durrett, J. P.
Charles           |Shoemaker        |Betsey            |Tonery           |9/7/1819                   |Charles                  |White                   |                         |                        |                |
Samuel            |Prater           |Isabella          |Blair            |9/8/1819                   |James                    |Blair                   |                         |                        |                |
James             |Cox              |Polly             |Beckner          |9/11/1819                  |James                    |Gardner                 |                         |                        |Richard         |Richards, M. G.
William           |Steane           |Elizabeth         |Rector           |9/13/1819                  |John                     |Jackson                 |                         |                        |                |
Charles           |Clark            |Mary              |Rector           |10/4/1819                  |John M.                  |Clark                   |                         |                        |                |
James             |Humphries        |Polly             |West             |10/11/1819                 |George                   |Branham                 |                         |                        |William         |Eblin, J. P.
Green W.          |Bruce            |Nancy             |McCabe           |10/19/1819                 |Robert S.                |Gilliland               |                         |                        |J.              |Purris, J. P.
John A.           |Foshee           |Malinda           |Cooper           |10/26/1819                 |Josiah                   |Fike                    |                         |                        |Solomon         |Geren, J. P.
Samuel            |Selbe            |Sally             |Cook             |11/4/1819                  |William                  |Selbe                   |                         |                        |J.              |Purris, J. P.
Samuel            |Harris           |Peggy             |McVay            |11/8/1819                  |Wyatt                    |Gallaher                |                         |                        |                |
Jesse             |Waten            |Mary              |Moore            |11/13/1819                 |William                  |Leftwick                |                         |                        |                |
Samuel            |McMullin         |Jane              |Bailey           |11/13/1819                 |Noah                     |Ashley                  |                         |                        |Alexander       |Nesmith, J. P.
Josiah            |Jackson          |Polly             |Browder          |11/23/1819                 |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Samuel          |Douthil, J. P.
Caleb             |McDonald         |Susanna           |Carter           |11/23/1819                 |Daniel                   |McDonald                |                         |                        |                |
Rheuben           |Williams         |Mahulda           |Cobb             |11/24/1819                 |Rudolph                  |Moorman                 |                         |                        |Micha           |Sellers, M. G.
Richard           |Curd             |Polly             |Eldridge         |11/29/1819                 |Benjamine                |Eldridge                |                         |                        |Wm B.           |Lenoir, J. P.
Elijah            |Baker            |Jane              |Seton            |11/30/1819                 |Thomas                   |Childress               |                         |                        |                |
Willis            |Crow             |Nancy             |Tedder           |12/1/1819                  |James                    |Crow                    |                         |                        |John H.         |Durrett, J.P.
Robert            |Bush             |Nelly             |Williamson       |12/7/1819                  |Wm C.                    |McKamy                  |                         |                        |Alexander       |Nesmith, J. P.
William           |Crow             |Patsey            |Bower            |12/16/1819                 |James                    |Bower                   |                         |                        |Micah           |Sellers, M. G.
John              |Bower            |Polly             |Crow             |12/16/1819                 |James                    |Bower                   |                         |                        |John H.         |Durrett, J.P.
Samuel            |Swan             |Nancy             |McElwee          |12/21/1819                 |Rudolph                  |Moorman                 |                         |                        |William         |Eagleton, J. P.
James             |Coody            |Polly             |Cart             |12/29/1819                 |Phillip                  |Pritchett               |                         |                        |                |
John              |Hankins          |Betsey            |Oliver           |12/30/1819                 |John                     |Roberts                 |                         |                        |                |
John              |Littleton        |Kitty             |Brown            |12/30/1819                 |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |William         |Eblin, J. P.
Samuel            |Burnet           |Sally             |Davis            |1/8/1820                   |Thomas                   |Spence                  |                         |                        |                |
James             |Moore            |Jenny             |Woody            |1/10/1820                  |Thomas                   |McMullin                |                         |                        |James           |McMullin
Andrew            |Nail             |Nancy             |Stubb            |1/15/1820                  |Wm                       |Nail                    |                         |                        |Alexander       |Nesmith, J.P.
Samuel            |Ramsey           |Nancy             |Garner           |1/26/1820                  |Micah                    |Sellers                 |                         |                        |John            |Farmer, M. G.
James             |Hankins          |Rebecca           |Fulton           |1/27/1820                  |Robert                   |Stout                   |                         |                        |Thomas          |Stockton, J. P.
Uriah             |Allison          |Nancy             |Cox              |1/29/1820                  |Thomas                   |Brown                   |                         |                        |John            |Winten, J. P.
George            |Henry            |Lucy              |Lower            |2/16/1820                  |Jonas                    |Arnold                  |                         |                        |                |
Alfred            |Owens            |Polly             |Long             |2/27/1820                  |Martin                   |Center                  |                         |                        |                |
Stephen           |Anderson         |Eliza             |Pritchett        |2/27/1820                  |Thomas                   |Anderson                |                         |                        |                |
Elias             |Butler           |Elizabeth         |Winters          |2/29/1820                  |John                     |Rector                  |                         |                        |---             |---
David C.          |Phillip          |Nancy             |Fike             |3/6/1820                   |Azariah                  |Cooper                  |                         |                        |Micah           |Sellers, M. G.
Clayton           |McCormick        |Betsey            |Evans            |3/9/1820                   |Wiley                    |Tuton                   |                         |                        |                |
Francis           |Benton           |Nancy             |Cooty            |3/22/1820                  |Sawyer                   |Hart                    |                         |                        |                |
John              |Clark            |Jenny             |McPherson        |3/27/1820                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin
Benjamine         |Whittenburger    |Lucinda           |Burnet           |3/27/1820                  |                         |                        |                         |                        |---             |---
Jesse             |Preston          |Nancy             |Bogart           |3/27/1820                  |Abram                    |Bogart                  |                         |                        |                |
William           |Green            |Ruth              |Westmoreland     |3/29/1820                  |Benjamin                 |Branham                 |                         |                        |James           |Johnson, J. P.
William           |Duel             |Sarah             |Duncan           |4/11/1820                  |Elijah                   |Baker                   |                         |                        |William         |Eblin, J. P.
Henry             |Kindrick         |Nancy             |Smith            |5/16/1820                  |Rudolph                  |Mooman [sic]            |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McKamy
Levi              |Galloway         |Betsey            |Rector           |6/17/1820                  |Jesse                    |Galloway                |                         |                        |John            |Wintin, J. P.
Solomon           |Forrester        |Sarah             |Marney           |6/22/1820                  |John                     |Loyd                    |                         |                        |Richard         |Richards, M. G.
Jeremiah          |Selvage          |Lucinda           |Cooley           |7/12/1820                  |Thomas                   |Moore                   |                         |                        |Thomas          |Stockton, J. P.
Dobson            |Miller           |Mary Ann          |Burnett          |7/17/1820                  |John J.                  |Breazeal                |                         |                        |Richard         |Richards, M. G.
William           |Beavers          |Betsey            |Cravet           |7/24/1820                  |James                    |Beavers                 |                         |                        |John            |Wiley, J. P.
John              |Barnett          |Centhea           |Small            |7/26/1820                  |Anthony H.               |Dicky                   |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McHany, J. P.
Jesse             |West             |Susana            |Carroll          |7/31/1820                  |John                     |Harrison                |                         |                        |Wm B.           |Lenoir, J. P.
Samuel            |Walker           |Elizabeth         |Crisp            |8/2/1820                   |James                    |Crisp                   |                         |                        |John            |Essay, J. P.
Benton            |Draper           |Lucinda           |Williams         |8/5/1820                   |William                  |Tull                    |                         |                        |                |
John              |Pepper           |Jenny             |Snow             |8/7/1820                   |Solomon                  |Stow [sic]              |                         |                        |William         |Eblin, J. P.
Thomas            |Edmonston        |Nancy             |Box              |8/22/1820                  |John                     |Edmonston               |                         |                        |John            |Essay, J. P.
John              |Mapes            |Price             |Pelfry           |9/5/1820                   |Nathan                   |Turner                  |                         |                        |                |
William           |Bogard           |Polly             |Preston          |9/7/1820                   |Abraham                  |Bogard                  |                         |                        |John            |Essary [sic], J. P.
John              |Selbe            |Rhoda             |Cunningham       |9/9/1820                   |George                   |Arnold                  |                         |                        |                |
Hezekiah          |Love             |Martha            |Terry            |9/9/1820                   |Jesse                    |Terry                   |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McHany, J. P.
Byrd              |Irwin            |Elizabeth         |Burnett          |9/20/1820                  |John                     |Breazeal                |                         |                        |                |
John              |Loller           |Patsy             |Daniel           |9/23/1820                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McHany, J. P.
George            |Marten Jr.       |Elizabeth         |McIntire         |9/24/1820                  |John                     |Marten                  |                         |                        |                |
Isaac R.          |Brown            |Margaret          |Sharp            |9/26/1820                  |James                    |Buchanan                |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McHany, J. P.
William           |Derosset         |Maryan            |Elkins           |10/10/1820                 |Uriah                    |Allison                 |                         |                        |James           |Johnson
Archibald         |Harrie           |Charlotta         |Bandy            |10/14/1820                 |John                     |Bandy                   |                         |                        |                |
Philip            |Harmen           |Sarah             |Clark            |10/27/1820                 |Uriah                    |Allison                 |                         |                        |Thomas          |McMullin, J. P.
James H.          |Gallaher         |Isabella          |McClure          |11/4/1820                  |---                      |---                     |                         |                        |William         |Eagleton, J. P.
James             |Crumbliss        |Ann               |Goddard          |11/16/1820                 |Jess                     |Goddard                 |                         |                        |                |
William           |Caves            |Jenny             |Irland           |11/20/1820                 |Barney                   |Casteel                 |                         |                        |                |
Nelson B.         |Ladd             |Jenny             |Rodgers          |11/23/1820                 |John C.                  |Ladd                    |                         |                        |James           |Johnson, J. P.
Benjamine         |Howard           |Mahaley           |McConk           |11/24/1820                 |Samuel                   |Selbe                   |                         |                        |John            |Wiley, J. P.
Michael           |Etheridge        |Charity           |Horne (Hone)     |11/24/1820                 |Samuel                   |Marney                  |                         |                        |J.              |Purris, J. P.
William           |Longacre         |Patsey            |Colier           |11/28/1820                 |Welcom                   |Howell                  |                         |                        |---             |---
John              |Thompson         |Nancy             |Rector           |11/28/1820                 |John C.                  |Ladd                    |                         |                        |William         |Eagleton, M. G.
William           |Smith            |Elly              |Colier           |12/1/1820                  |Washington               |Henson                  |                         |                        |James           |Johnson, J. P.
Evan E.           |Duncan           |Elizabeth         |Jenkins          |12/7/1820                  |William                  |Smith                   |                         |                        |                |
James             |Stults           |Fanny             |Davis            |12/9/1820                  |Briton                   |Davis                   |                         |                        |Thomas          |Stockton, J. P.
Samuel            |Stivers          |Lucy              |Haley            |12/19/1820                 |Thomas                   |Brown                   |                         |                        |                |
Robert            |Madrin           |Patsey            |Nance            |12/23/1820                 |Joseph                   |Ashley                  |                         |                        |Wm B.           |Lenoir, J. P.
Absolom           |Miller           |Patsey            |West             |12/23/1820                 |John M.                  |Miller                  |                         |                        |William         |Eblin, J. P.
David             |Breazeal         |Rosey             |Matlock          |1/22/1812                  |John                     |Matlock                 |Woods                    |Breazeal                |                |
James             |Wilkerson        |Lucy              |Rice             |9/5/1812                   |James                    |Rice                    |                         |                        |                |
Tyre              |Rogers           |Polly             |Hart             |6/9/1820                   |Wm C                     |McKamy                  |                         |                        |Wm C.           |McHany [sic], J. P.

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Goodspeed’s Biographies of Roane County – 1886 Page 2 of 3.

Roane County occupies the territory and the junction of the Clinch and Tennessee, and
Clinch and Emory Rivers, and embraces an area of — square miles. The surface is
generally broken or rolling, but while much of the land is broken and untillable, there is
also a large area of fertile river bottoms. Iron and coal of the best quality abound in
inexhaustible quantities, and lie in close proximity to each other. Limestone and marble
are also abundant. The transportation facilities are the best of any county in East
Tennessee. The Cincinnati Southern Railroad transverses it from northeast to southwest,
while the rivers are open for navigation from eight to ten months in the year. 
The Indian title to the territory now included in Roane County was extinguished by three
different treaties. The line fixed by the treaty of 1794 extended to within one mile of
Southwest Point. In 1805 all the territory north of the Tennessee and Holston Rivers to
opposite the mouth of the Hiwassee, with the exception of two or three small reservations,
was ceded by the Indians in a treaty made at Tellico. After the purchase of the Hiwassee
District in 1819, the county was extended south of the river. 

The first improvement made in the county was the wood road running from the Clinch
River to the Cumberland settlements, which was cut out in 1785. After the founding of
Knoxville, in 1792, it was extended to that place. This road became the most important
thoroughfare in the State, and over it for more half a century passed nearly all the travel
between East Tennessee and the west. About 1822 it was made a stage route, the stages
passing both ways twice a week. It ran through what is now the main street of Kingston. 

In 1792 a fort was established at Southwest Point, and a detachment of United States
troops, under Capt. McCLELLAND, were stationed there to prevent incursions from the
Cherokee Indians into the settlements above. The garrison was maintained at that place
until about 1806 or 1807, when it was removed to a point on the right bank of the
Tennessee River, about six miles from the present town of Dayton. On October 23, 1799,
the Legislature passed an act for the establishment of a town to be known as Kingston, on
lands owned by Robert KING, David MILLER, Alexander CARMICHAEL, George
PRESTON, John SMITH T., William L. LOVELY, M. SMITH and Thomas M. CLARK
were appointed its commissioners. KING lived in a small cabin standing about where
FRENCH’S Hotel now is. The first merchant was probably John McEWEN. Samuel
MARTIN & Co., Gideon MORGAN, Thomas N. CLARK, Sr., White & Cox and Nelson,
Smith & King also opened stores during the first eight or ten years after the town was laid
out. Cotton was at that time an important crop and Hugh BEATTY and john STONE both
operated cotton-gins. The latter also filled the office of cotton inspector. Matthew
NELSON opened a tavern in 1809. He was a carpenter by trade, but subsequently was
elected treasurer of East Tennessee, a position he held for many years. His brother
William D. NELSON, was also an early settler of the town. Henry LIGGETT had a
hatter’s shop, and supplied a large section of country with hats. Among other pioneers of
the town may be mentioned Dr. Daniel RATHER, Thomas C. CHILDRESS, William
FRENCH, William LEA, David PATTON and John PURRIS. 

Among the most prominent of the early settlers of the county were the
BROWNS–Thomas, John, and William. Thomas BROWN was the quartermaster for the
garrison at the fort, and a politician of considerable reputation. He served several terms in
the Legislature, and on one occasion was a candidate for the United States Senate. Gen.
John BROWN was the owner of a large tract of land, including the present site of
Rockwood, and for twenty-three years was the sheriff of the county. William BROWN
became a lawyer and removed to Knoxville. Perhaps the person who enjoyed the greatest
notoriety among the pioneers of this section was John SMITH T., who lived about two
miles southeast of Kingston. He obtained possession of a 50,000-acre grant of land which
he held in defiance of all other claimants, and was the owner of a large number of slaves. 
He was an excellent shot, had fought several duels, and had the unpleasant habit of killing
people on the slightest provocation. The restraint of advancing civilization, however, soon
became distasteful to him and removed to Missouri. 

Kingston, from its position on the river and on the main road from Knoxville to Nashville,
soon attained considerable importance, and in 1805, the Legislature voted to hold its next
session there. It assembled on September 21, 1807, but two days later adjourned to
Knoxville. About 1835 the regular steamboat navigation of the river was begun, and from
that time until the war the town continued to prosper. Among the business men of the
thirties were H.H. WILEY, James McCAMPBELL, John PAYNE, George L. GILLESPIE,
Nathaniel HEWITT, James BERRY, Edward McDUFFIE, J.J. MUNGER, W.S.
McEWEN and Henry LIGGETT. Since the civil war the town has been somewhat on the
decline, but its favorable location for iron furnaces and manufactories will undoubtedly, in
time, attract a much large population than it has ever known. The present business
interests of the town are represented by the following firms: S.J. D’ARMOND & Son,
Childress & Martin, Butler & Co., Hartley & Melton and Joseph A. MUECKE, general
stores; C.F. BRAUSE and BROWN Bros., drugs, and M.B. EVERETT, confectionery. 
The manufactories consist of a saw mill, operated by C.B. FRENCH; a grist-mill by
William RATHER, and a tannery by John A. FERGUSON. 

The first newspaper in Kingston was established in 1855 or 1856 by N.A. PATTERSON. It
was published as the Gazette and the Register until the beginning of the war. In the fall of
1865 the East Tennessean was established with F.M. WILEY as editor. After about six
months it was suspended, but in November, 1866, its publication was resumed by W.B.
REED, who has since continued it as a non-political paper. In 1873 C.F. BRAUSE began
the publication of the Valley News which he continued for about eighteen months, when he
sold it to Rev. G.W. COLEMAN, who, after changing the name to the Indexpendent, moved
it to Maryville. The press was subsequently returned and used in the publication of the
Herald. In 1880 John J. LITTLETON established the Cyclone, a Democratic paper. He
subsequently sold to HOOD & HAGGARD, who changed it to a Republican paper under
the name of the Patriot. It has been published as the Republican, and is now under the
editorial management of S.E. FRANKLIN. 

As early as 1806 an act was passed by the Legislature providing for the establishment of
Rittenhouse Academy, and appointing Thomas J. VAN DYKE, Samuel ESKRIDGE, Jacob
JONES, Zachariah AYER and Jesse BYRD, as trustees. To this board were added, in
1809, John PURRIS, M. SMITH, T.N. CLARK, Thomas BROWN, John BROWN,
Matthew NELSON and Samuel MARTIN. There is no evidence, however, to show that
the school was put into operation until 1822, when Rev. William EAGLETON was installed
as principal. His successors up to 1828 were A.G. GALLAHER, John A. HOOPS, Jacob
K. SPOONER, John G. LACKINS. The institution soon gained a wide reputation, and the
attendance, was large. The first building was a log structure, standing in the same lot with
the First Presbyterian Church. In 1832 the main part of the present house was completed,
and in 1853 the wing was added. Among the subsequent principals prior to the war were
George S. RICH, B.F. SMITH, John WYATT, Benjamin V. IRVIN, H.W. VON
ALDEHOFF and William G. LLOYD. For several years after the close of the war the
building was occupied by schools of varying degrees of excellence. Recently the institution
was reincorporated, and is now one of the best schools of the kind in East Tennessee. 

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Goodspeed’s Biographies of Roane County – 1886 Page 3 of 3.

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W.B.H. WILEY, coal operator, at Oliver Springs, was born in Roane County, Tenn.,
January 25, 1843. He is the son of Henry H. WILEY and Mary B.B. BOYD, who were
married January 2, 1822. The father was born in North Carolina, October 9, 1779. He was
the son of Alexander WILEY and Martha NOEL; this father was a farmer, in Tennessee,
for several years, and later went to merchandising in Kingston, Roane County, still later he
was elected county court clerk of Roane County; still later he became one of the wealthiest
men of his county, and all his wealth was gainted through perseverance and skillful
management. The mother of our subject was born in Virginia, March 31, 1804, and died
January 3, 1877. Unto her were born six sons and four daughters. Our subject was reared
on the farm, and received a common-school education, in the country schools. His work,
prior to the civil war, was farming. At the outbreak of the war, he enlisted in Company F,
Fifth Tennessee Infantry. At the close of the war, he returned to Kingston, and farmed in
Roane County, for two years, and then went to operating in coal, first at Coal Creek, then
at Oliver Springs, where he is now operating. He and his brother, H.H. WILEY, constitute
the Mount Carbon Coal and Coke Company, of Oliver Springs. In 1869 (October 29) he
married Miss Jennie McFARLEN, of Nashville. One son and eight daughters have been
born to this marriage. Three of these children are dead; those living are Thomas E., Z.A.,
Mary E., Katy, Luttie and Irene. Mr. WILEY commenced business without money, and
has gained considerable wealth, by his energy and enterprise. He is a self-made man, a
member of the Presbyterian Church, an Odd Fellow, and a Republican. 


The BLAIR Family, has, since the very earliest settlement of East Tennessee, been
prominent in its history, and still has many representatives in Loudon and the surrounding
counties. These are all descendants of John BLAIR, a soldier at King’s Mountain, and a
pioneer from South Carolina to Washington County, Tenn., where he died in 1819. His
family of six sons and four daughters–Hugh, John, James, William, Thomas, Samuel, Jane,
Mary, Martha and Rachel–came from Washington County to the present site of Loudon
about 1790, and soon after, what was long known as Blair’s Ferry was established. Hugh,
the eldest of this family, was a cripple, who never married, and always made his home with
his brother James. But little is known of the four daughters and of the second and sixth
named sons. James was born in 1777, and married Jane CARMICHAEL, a member of
another pioneer East Tennessee family. They remained in the vicinity of BLAIR’S Ferry,
where they accumulated considerable property and many slaves. They raised five sons
and two daughters, and had two infant daughters, deceased. William, the fourth mentioned
above, married Sarah SIMMONS, who died in 1849, six years after his own death. Four
sons and six daughters were reared by them. The fifth named above Thomas, remained in
Blair’s Ferry a short time, and went to Indiana. John, the eldest of James BLAIR’S family,
was born July 19, 1800, and married Elizabeth JOHNSTON in 1827. He then located on
the farm now owned by his son, Dr. J.L. BLAIR. He was an officer in the State militia, and
was for many years a justice of the peace. His death occurred January 18, 1858, his wife
having preceeded him November 14, 1845. Dr. J.L. BLAIR is the eldest of five sons and
five daughters, and of three survivors of these, himself, Dr. Hugh A., of Wilson County,
and Martha a., now Mrs. George W. ST. JOHN, of Washington County. Dr. J.L. was born
in 1828, and in 1853 married Margaret L. BARKLEY, a native of Jonesboro. Of their two
sons and three daughters, two of the latter are deceased, as is the mother also, who died
January 5, 1871. In 1872 the Doctor married Mrs. Lucy A. OSBORN (nee GEORGE), a
native of Blount County, to whom two sons and four daughters have been born. The
Doctor was educated chiefly at Hiwassee College, and in 1852 attended the Union Medical
College, of New York, since which time he has practiced in this locality. Returning now to
the James BLAIR family, we will mention Wiley, who was bron in Loudon in 1813, and
married Mary M. JOHNSTON, rearing a family of three sons and two daughters, one of
whom, Rachel E.C., is now deceased. the other daughter, Laura J., is the wife of William
R. BLAIR, of this county. James M., W.W., and H.E.F. are the sons, the first of whom,
James M., was born in 1844, since which time he has lived in this vicinity. W.W. was born
in 1851 and married Frankie M. BROWDER; they have three daughters. H.E.F. was born
in 1854 and married Martha K. ELDRIDGE. They have two sons and six daughters; the
first of these, John, was born in Loudon (then Roane) County, in 1808, and married Mary
C. EDWARDS, a native of Virginia, to whom one son, William R. (a prominent farmer of
Loudon County) and one daughter, Sarah J. (now the wife of John HALL, of Loudon
County,) were born. John BLAIR and wife died in 1875 and 1880, respectively. Of the
other children of William BLAIR, Vincent and Hugh reside in Texas, and Elizabeth, now a
widow of Andrew ALLEN, resides in Loudon County. The rest are deceased. 

Dr. R.P. EATON, a prominent farmer and successful practitioner, was born in 1835, in
Jefferson County, where he was reared and educated. About 1856 he began the study of
medicine, moving in 1858 within the present limits of Loudon County, and in 1865 to his
present home, where he has enjoyed a lucrative practice. He began, a poor man, with $4
and little property, but has, by care and application, acquired his present home of 600 fine
acres. He represented Knox and Roane Counties in the State Senate, in 1867-68, and at
present is one of the board of trustees of the State University. November 13, 1859, he
married his present wife. They have had two sons and five daughters. The EATON family
is of Scotch-Irish origin, and came to this State from Pennsylvania. The paternal
grandfather, Robert D., was a captain, under Jackson, in the war of 1812. He and his wife
died in Anderson County. Andrew C., the father, was born in Grainger County, in 1804,
and married Susan M. DONALDSON, of Jefferson County. Their decease occurred in
1878 and 1880 respectively. Our subject and Ellen C., now Mrs. BOYD (a widow) of this
county, are their only children. 

J.P. FREEMAN, a farmer in the Eleventh District, was born in March, 1844, in Roane
County, in addition to Loudon County. He is the youngest of six children of James and
Achsa (PONDER) FREEMAN. The father was born and raised in Roane County. He
commanded Company D, Fourth Tennessee Infantry, in the Mexican war. He was a son of
John and Susan (DAVIS) FREEMAN. Mr. and Mrs. John FREEMAN were born and
raised in Virginia, and Mrs. FREEMAN came with her parents to Tennessee in 1812, and
Mr. FREEMAN came to Tennessee some time before that. He served Roane County for
many years as County Judge. James FREEMAN died shortly after he came out of the
Mexican War, from a disease contracted while he was in the service. Mrs. FREEMAN is
making her home with her son, J.P. FREEMAN. J.P. FREEMAN received his education
in the common schools of Roane County. When seventeen years old he enlisted in
Company I, First Tennessee Infantry of the Federal Army, and served until the fall of
1864. He was sergeant of his company. He was offered the captaincy of his company, and
also fo a cavalry company, but on account of ill health would not accept. He was thrown
upon his own resources when seventeen years old, a poor man, and what he is now worth,
was accumulated by his own industry and good management. He now owns 370 acres of
land on the Tennessee River, two and one-half miles north of Loudon. He was married in
1868 to Alice E. MALLOY. By this union one child was born–Alice, now Mrs.
KOLLOCK. Mrs. FREEMAN died in 1869. He was married to 1872 to Mrs.
LITTLETON, nee Miss HARVEY. By this union seven children have been born: James
H., Emerson J., Joseph W., Achsa, Robert S., Frances and Hester. Mr. and Mrs.
FREEMAN are members of the Missionary Baptist Church. Mr. FREEMAN is assistant
clerk. He is Indexpendent in politics and cast his first presidential vote for Samuel J.
TILDEN. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity. 

G.W. HARDIN, a farmer, was born in 1833, in Knox County, where he continued to live
until the fall of 1858. He then traveled through several through several of the Western
States, and located near Springfield, Mo. He returned to Knox County, in March, 1860,
and, in 1862, enlisted in Company F, Twenty-sixth Tennessee Infantry (Confederate), and
served until he surrendered with Johnston’s army. He had an arm shot off at Atlanta, and,
with the exception of the time he lay in the hospital because of his wounds, engaged in all
the actions in which his company took part. Farming has been his occupation. July 30,
1861, he married Julia C. WINTON, a daughter of John W. and Eliza (BROWDER)
WINTON, natives of what is now Loudon County. Their children were Oscar J. and Lula
B. (deceased). Mrs. HARDIN is a Methodist of the Southern Branch. Our subject is a
Democrat and first voted for Buchanan. He is the third of eight children, of Joseph and A.
(CALLOWAY) HARDIN, the former spending his whole life in Knox County, and the
latter a native of Ashe County, N.C., and from her sixteenth year a resident of Knox
County. The father was a colonel of militia. Our subject now owns a fine farm of 700
acres, well cultivated and located on the Union railroad, four miles east of Loudon. 

C.M. HOTCHKISS was born in 1802, in what is now Loudon County. He is the third of six
children of Jared and Betsey (KNIGHT) HOTCHKISS. Jared HOTCHKISS was born and
raised in New Haven, Connecticut, and immigrated to Tennessee about 1801. He was a
tailor by trade, and during the Revolutionary war assisted in making clothing for soldiers. 
He was widely known, and a highly respected citizen. He kept a tavern for many years on
the Knoxville & Kingston Road. Mr. and Mrs. Jared HOTCKISS were of English
descent. Mrs. HOTCHKISS was born and raised in New Glasglow, Va., where she
married. After his father’s death, in 1838, C.M. HOTCKISS began business for himself,
and supported his mother until her death, in 1842. C.M. HOTCHKISS was married in
1838 to Sallie Ann WYLEY, a daughter Harris and Artemus (TAYLOR) WYLY. Mr. and
Mrs. WYLY were born and raised in Virginia, and at a very early age moved to Alabama,
where Mrs. HOTCHKISS was born in 1811. Mr. WYLY moved his family to Blount
County, in 1829. He followed merchandising from the time he became twenty years old
until his death in 1841. He served his district as justice of the peace for many years, giving
entire satisfaction. Mr. WYLEY was of Irish and Mrs. WYLY of English descent. To Mr.
and Mrs. HOTCHKISS six children have been born: Louisa, now Mrs. LAUDERDALE;
Isabella, who first married John ANDERSON, and after his death she married John HILL;
Sallie, now Mrs. JOHNSON; Betsey, deceased; Artemus, deceased; Claiborne, deceased. 
Mr. and Mrs. HOTCHKISS are members of the Missionary Baptist Church. Mr.
HOTCHKISS has been a deacon in the church since 1832. He is a Democrat in politics
and cast his first presidental ticket for a Democratic candidate in 1824. He is a very
enthusiatic Christian worker, and a very successful Christian worker, and a very successful
farm manager. 

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